import second hand air rifle from holland


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I am a Dutchman who lives here in Serbia and in the Netherlands alternately.
I have been in the shooting sport for more than 45 years and own a shooting club in the Netherlands. Now the next thing I own 17 rifles pcp large calibers and break rifles.
Now I want to bring a Wheinrauch hw80 cal22 230m/sec 16 grains pellet to Serbia because I see the prices here are high.
The wheinrauch is 15 years old and looks like new, and now my question, I'm already looking around info about importing information at customs, I don't get a clear answer. (Nobody can speak clear English ore German)
The air rifles are freely available throughout Europe with a light spring in them (for Germany).
So when I transport it I have the German 7.5 joule spring in it and drive the car across the border.
So it's about how do I register him at the border.
I have been informed that there is a form that must be completed in advance . Is this the case or just register at the border and pay import and do you know how much that will be.
I read here about registering when he runs above 200m/sec
I get that !
Is a second-hand gun treated like a new one that comes from abroad?
Anyone have experience importing second hand air rifles at the border
You can answer in your own language, I will use Translate
I live in area Kursumlija.
Hello and welcome to the Forum.
Regarding your questions, we don't know the exact procedure either when it comes to foreigners. We will try to inquire in more detail, then we will write an answer.
I have a residence permit and permanent residence papers at the end of next year !

I don't see any weihrauchs here on the web shops, but a lot of Chinese stuff and cometa, which are reasonable, but the steel from which the wheinrauchs are made and the rekord trigger cannot be compared to other brands.
I also own Airarms prosport 22 which I have not seen here quality air rifles.

and I can't post a few pictures here.
If you are interested in links from other air rifle sellers, I can list them here on this forum.
There are many shops in Holland than Krale shooting sports.
Many different brands and the sites are also in English.
And thanks for any help !!!
Greetings from Kursumlija !
Concerning your first question, i believe that foreigners with permanent residence in Serbia have the same rights concerning weapons here in Serbia as citizens of Serbia. That means in practice that you can bring your weapons here if you have permanent residence. Maybe you should become a member of a shooting club of some sort, since the airguns are C or D category in Serbia of weapons for which you are not required to pass training or ask for purchase license, you just need to report it to the police station upon buying one which is more powerful than 10.5J.
To cut short, if your guns are D category, which you don't have to report to police, and you have a proof of purchase that you have owned them for some time, and that you are a member of a shooting club here in Serbia, and you have residence here, then maybe you will be able to take them across the border without any problems. Probably the best thing would be to contact your embassy here in Serbia because they may have had similar experiences in the past.
I will also ask my wife to try to explain to me in plain language if that is possible. (she deals with law quite a bit)

AA prosport is a great rifle but we don't have it here unfortunately, i would love to get my hands on one.
please share your knowledge of airguns, shops etc use translate in ,,Browser Google,, under the right mouse button

And many more shops in the Netherlands too many to post,
Search on Google, buy air rifle (luchtgeweer kopen )
We can purchase any powerful rifle that is available on the market (Belgie) spak dutch here, Secondhand air rifles and firearms ! Our Dutch airgun forum ! Pellets Sale!
Krale shooting largest store with the cheapest prices only air guns pistols good service. large workshop with CNC lathes and milling machines, a lot of knowledge in-house

there are many more gun shops that do more with firearms than air rifles.
Krale is chosen every year for the best service, this business is as big as Lidle.
They export a lot to USA read on shooting forum there.
Prices are cheaper than others.
Krale is indeed one of the biggest stores and delivers worldwide. Service is very well as long as you don't mind waiting weeks.